We here at Doobybrain.com were more than honored by a recent [and may we add, very secretive!!!!] invitation to go over and check out the new apartment. It’s not every day that we get invited to see such things, especially something as fantastic as someone’s new [soon-to-be] living space! In any case, the place was phenomenal, although all of us here at the office had to really get used to the smell — or cover our noses with our shirts — because the apartment currently smelled of rotting carcas and overdue milk and cheese (and a bit of tofu).

Regardless of the smell though, we all got the grand tour — bathroom, kitchen, and all — and loved it! We were all saying when we left that this would be a great place to host Doobybrain.com office parties and just have some good hangout time with co-workers. We’re all crossing our fingers for Herman to give the “GO” on that idea.

Check out the video below.

Here are some photos we all took and added to Herman’s new apartment Flickr photo set. It’ll be cool to see what this place looks like when he and his brothers (and their pets) finally move in. I seriously think the entire Doobybrain.com team can live out of here (if only!).

Here is the back view. You see a lot of other buildings, but I bet it’s nice to sit and watch the city roll on by…

Here’s the view out the front of the building. Busy during the day, not so much at night. Seventh avenue is to the left and 6th avenue is to the right. And still a clear shot of the Empire State Building. :)

The bathroom in its current state. This will be remodeled.

The kitchen in its current state. This will be remodeled as well.

This is one of the larger rooms towards the back of the building.

Another shot of the big room in the back.

The green room right next to the blue room in the back. This looks like Norman’s current room in our current apartment. :O

This is the larger room towards the front of the building, facing 28th street.

Here are some of the random things that the previous tenants left. I have no idea why they even had a mannequin there, or why it has underwear on.

The apartment is color-coded at the moment. It looks like a pre-school. Gonna get rid of that.

A view of the mess in the kitchen facing the back of the building.

And if you missed it, here is Simon’s video of the new apartment (below).
New Apartment on Vimeo

See the rest of the new apartment photos in this Flickr set.