Archive: 2007

If you don’t already know, I’ll be away from for about 11 days or so. This basically means no internet, no updating, and no pictures for the next week and a half. For those that are curious, I’ll be on holiday with Flo — first in Sydney to ring in the new year (yay […]


For Christmas, Flo got me this really really really cool cup sealer/cover. It’s the simplest thing I’ve ever seen but it works wonders! Basically, it’s this silicone circle with a little devilish knob at the top that acts as a suction cup for just about any standard cup size. Once you plop the cup cover […]


Simon successfully got his hands on a vintage My Pal 2 as a Christmas present for me! That’s straight-up AWESOME!! Here’s a quick photo of it at home at the NYC apartment (it won’t be making a trip here to Australia because I’ll just eventually have to ship it back to the US again anyway). […]

Those two little kids in that hilarious Christmas-day present opening video featuring the N64 were all grown up in this segment on Good Morning America. I didn’t know that the home video was later made into a BMW commercial…how odd. Go to to see and read all about this runaway viral home video. Oh […]


This post needs no introduction. Here’s some photos of Michelle poking her head around Melbourne at the beginning of this month. Let’s face it, my friends are better than your friends.


I hope you all are having as great a Christmas as this kid.