Lowe’s recently printed a holiday catalog that touted Christmas trees for sale as “family trees” in order to not upset people who might not celebrate Christmas. Apparently, the move by the company was so upsetting that some folks decided to fight back against the company and order an apology for replacing ‘Christmas’ with ‘family’.

And well, after enough complaints from the public, Lowe’s has offered an official apology and promised to never be so reckless with their holiday words!

See the whole catalog in question here [pdf link].

Seriously…this whole ordeal sounded like a joke. I don’t know if I should laugh more at the mad Christians for getting so worked up or at Lowe’s for thinking that they could sell Christmas trees to people who don’t celebrate Christmas by calling it another name. Honestly, what’s the big deal? It’s not like Christmas trees were historically significant in the birth of Jesus. And you know, Christmas trees are just fir trees anyway. Lowe’s should sell “firs” instead of Christmas trees.