It’s been ages since I last had a pair of Reebok sneakers. The last one I had were some sort of black and white low-tops with Hexalite. It was a pretty standard shoe, really, and beyond that non-descriptive memory of them, the only thing I can recall is that I bought them with my grandpa at the odd shoe store that used to be across the street from Yung Kee.

Anyway, it felt like Reebok sort of dropped off the face of “cool” as Nike and Adidas and PUMA raced ahead of it in terms of style and general mainstream consumption. Slowly but surely, it looks like Reebok may be making a comeback in a good way.


Just check out these Reebok Ventilator UO kicks I picked up in Sydney (at a store called Espionage on Goulburn Street — see map below).

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The shoes are insanely bright. Brighter than any other pair of shoes I own. And that’s because it is almost entirely made out of reflective material and fluorescent work-safe colors. It’s just all too amusing. I can’t help but laugh when I put them on. Everywhere I go feels like a construction danger zone when I have these babies on my feet.


These shoes don’t even need bright lights or strobe flashes to bring out their true bright colors. The fluorescent green/yellow and orange/red do it all on their own! The only thing that shows up with a flash strobe is the silver reflective lining that makes up the rest of the Reebok logo. I’ve provided two sample shots below.

Here are the shoes photographed with flash off.

Here are the shoes photographed with flash on.

After some research, I found out that the Ventilator UO sneakers are supposedly some sort of limited edition colorway made strictly for Urban Outfitters. You can see more photos of it here. The shoe, when converted to USD, retails for about $125. You can actually buy these at select sneaker boutiques. As you can see, they are just awesome. Haha!

If you’re less inclined to wear these bright colors, then you’ll be glad to know that the Ventilator style of shoe is made in less blinding colors at a fraction of the price. Nice!

See some more photos inside.

Here’s the trusty Hexalite technology on the bottom of the shoe.

Another photo of me jumping around in them on a Sydney train station platform.