A. Aronson, a kitchenware company based in New York, has come out with this peculiar little bake set that attempts to recreate the lovely texture and filling of a traditional Hostess Twinkie.

Aptly named the Hostess Twinkies Bake Set, the box contents will allow you to create — in your very own kitchen — up to 8 yellow cakes that resemble the look (but not the exact taste) of a Hostess Twinkie. It really all depends on how creative you get with the ingredients provided I guess.


Anyway, the box set includes a baking pan, spatula, icing injector bag, Twinkies container shaped like the Twinkie the Kid, and a complete recipe booklet.

I’d get this set if only for the Twinkie the Kid container, which A. Aronson sells separately.

You can currently buy this at Urban Outiftters for $26.