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Oh yeah, and happy birthday to Doreen! Sorry I couldn’t be home to celebrate!

My most played track last week was the Super Mario Land theme song. Hahaha!

DealExtreme, the land of cheap Chinese goods, sells an amazing 200mW green laser capable of burning through paper and plastic. It is custom made to order and features a genuine Samsung laser. This sounds pretty good, even for $122.

Did you know that 2008 is the year of the potato? This is odd because lately I’ve been eating a lot of potatoes. Thanks for this, Flo!

“Y U OUTBID ME” Haha, thanks for this one, Yelena.

As I was hoping, there is pretty good evidence pointing to the fact that the MacBook Pros will have multi-touch. This makes me rather get a MBP than a MBA. Thin is not so in.

Psst! New secrets!

Mark Khaisman’s Packing Tape Art is pretty impressive.

Bendable Pokey is only $1.99! This would go well with my Gumby.