New Year’s Day is a few weeks behind us now, and I’m sure that by now you’ve been chugging along in 2008 like I have. Yeah?

Anyway, in continuation of my photos from Sydney, here are some pictures I took of the fireworks on the Sydney Harbor Bridge as the first few minutes of 2008 were celebrated by thousands of people along Sydney Harbor.

It was my first time in Sydney watching the fireworks and they were pretty amazing. Standing amidst a crowd of several thousand is a great way to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Flo and I were able to witness first-hand a crowd fight between a drunken Irish man and a local and what it was like to stand in the SLOWEST MOVING LINE TO THE EXIT ever. Also, we both had a pretty good laugh at the hundreds of people unknowingly stepping into horse poo (from the police patrols) and then realizing it as they were already ankle-deep in it. It was the funniest thing ever watching this happen, and I can only hope that I’ll get another chance in the future to watch people unknowingly step into horse poo. Nothing is funnier, believe me.

The place was jam-packed with people literally shoulder-to-shoulder. And although I’ve never stood in Times Square for the New Year’s countdown, I reckon the experience in Sydney is very similar to it. Flo and I stood a few streets away from The Rocks (where most people go to see the fireworks) simply because there was no more room to stand. Our view wasn’t the best, but it was decent, and it gave us a good view of the fireworks in front of us AND behind us. In fact, towards the end of the show, fireworks were just going off in all directions around us. It was pretty spectacular.

Check inside to see some of my photos from the event.

Here are the empty Sydney streets, as the city was shut down to cars and other non-emergency vehicles. It was like one huge sidewalk everywhere you went.

Here are the Sydney Police. Behind them (and not pictured) are the policemen on horseback, who allow their horses to just go ahead and relieve themselves in the middle of the crowded streets. Priceless entertainment!





Here’s some of the aftermath in terms of rubbish as the crowds made a mad rush for the trains. This is probably what a mild stampede feels like…

Ok, that’s all of the photos I care to show. You can blame Australian “broadband” for not allowing me to upload more photos for your viewing pleasure. I don’t even want to imagine what Australian dial-up must have been like. Man…