Starbucks Corporation is rolling out a new and “secretive” $1 cup of coffee at select Seattle locations.

The $1 test undercuts even low-cost coffee purveyors, including McDonald’s Corp. and Dunkin’ Donuts, a unit of Dunkin’ Brands Inc., whose coffees generally start in the low $1-plus range. Although most sit-down restaurants top off customers’ coffee free of charge, specialty cafes have largely stayed away from the practice. Starbucks will face increasing competition this year from McDonald’s, which plans to start adding a line of espresso drinks at its U.S. restaurants.

The $1 coffee is served in 8-ounce short cups and word is that they are even offering free refills on these beverages. So really, you can get unlimited brewed coffee at Starbucks for $1.

PS: The back-to-back coffee posts were not intentional.