This photo of a Goliath Grouper is one of the winners of the 2007 Nature’s Best Photography awards. The photo was taken by Michael Patrick O’Neill in Jupiter, Florida.

“The Goliath grouper is one of the largest predators found in Atlantic, Caribbean, and eastern Pacific reefs. Reaching eight feet in length and weighing up to 800 pounds, it feeds on fish, stingrays, lobster, and even small sea turtles. Large sharks are their only natural enemies.”

“The ocean off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, is a great place to photograph Goliath groupers. They tend to gather near old shipwrecks and around rocky ledges. After many trips to this site, I was rewarded one day as enormous schools of cigar minnows enveloped the giant fish. When this young adult drifted between me and my diving companion, I seized the opportunity to take this photograph.”

The original photo is below.