Photo: Erin Pence/Sidney Daily News

MSNBC has a fantastic year in pictures (2007) slideshow that’s open for viewing. The slideshow is split into three main categories — space, news, and sports — and each one contains stunning visuals with moving narration and captions.

So far, this is the best year in photos compilation I’ve seen from any major news website. I love that it’s got audio with every single image. It makes the experience of viewing the photos a lot more interesting and captivating. Many of these stories I posted about on at least once during the course of 2007.

I’ve re-posted some of my favorites from the “news” section inside (if anyone cares). Be sure to check out the space photos and the sports photos as well!

Photo: Robert Stolarik/The New York Times
The aftermath of the steam pipe explosion in New York City’s midtown on Thursday, July 19.

Photo: Ed Oudenaarden/EPA
A field of Dutch bulbs from Lisse, Netherlands on Sunday, April 15. The United States is one of the biggest buyers of Dutch bulbs.

Photo: Steve Chen/AP
A crocodile clutches the lower left arm of Chang Po-yu, a veterinarian at the Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on April 11. The croc bit off the arm when Chang tried to remove a tranquilizer dart. The arm was later reattached.

Photo: Channi Anand/AP
A worker prepares threads for kites in Jammu, India on Tuesday, July 24. The threads are for kites which will be used during India’s Independence Day (August 15).

Photo: Ariana Oubillos/AP
A girl sleeps as she waits for classes to begin at the Divine school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Tuesday, September 18.

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images
Mary McHugh visits the grave of her fiance, Sgt. James Regan at the Arlington National Cemetary outside Washington, D.C. Regan was killed by a roadside IED in Iraq in February 2007.