A customer came into the store just the other day and bought a T-shirt. As he was pulling out his credit card to put the purchase through, I noticed a boxy but very stylish watch on his wrist. I put the sale through, and as I waited for the transaction to finish, I asked him where he got his watch. He said he got it outside of the country, but that the watch was made by Bell & Ross.

That night, I went home and looked up Bell & Ross and I think I fell in love.
Bell & Ross is a Swiss watch company designed by Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo.

I have never seen such beautiful watches in my life. Each Bell & Ross time piece looks intricately designed and manufactured, producing a line of superb watches that not only keep time for you, but also make you look incredibly awesome while doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, seeing one of these in person is inspiring.

Bell & Ross also make diamond-encrusted watches, steel watches, carbon fiber watches, and “pink gold” watches as well.

If you have to ask how much they are, you probably can’t afford them (you have to ask for a personal price quote via email/telephone). Each watch is about a gazillion dollars. A high price for good fashion. And if you think you can get one on sale, well, you can, but even the sale price will rip your bank account to shreds.

If you’ve got the balls and the money, buy one here.

Close-up images of several watches inside.

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Limited Edition Blue (500 available)

Bell & Ross BR01-94 Carbon chronograph instrument

Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillion with carbon fiber and “virtually un-scratchable coating”.