I just found this out as I was looking for a photo for my Chinese New Year post. Apparently, throughout most of the history of the Walt Disney Company, many “hidden Mickeys” have been placed in movies, cartoons, theme park rides, and buildings.


The “hidden Mickeys” are usually three circles (two smaller ones and one large one) that represent the two Mickey Mouse ears and head. However, there are times when the entire Mickey Mouse body is included as well.

In the movie Cinderella, there are several reported and confirmed “hidden Mickeys”. One confirmed report states that in the scene where Cinderella is scrubbing the floors, three bubbles in the shape of Mickeys head fill the entire screen. Most people probably won’t ever realize this, but yep, it’s there (and it’s big).


Another instance where the Walt Disney Company plays on this little-known gimmick is during “Happiest Homecoming on Earth” (their 50th anniversary celebration in 2005 and 2006).

Between May 2005 and September 2006, Disneyland in California told park-goers that there were 50 hidden Mickeys in and around the park. These hidden Mickeys had the three circles with a large “50″ in the center circle representing the head. A list of the 50 hidden Mickeys are listed here.


And there it is! Now I’ll always be on the lookout for one of these “hidden Mickeys” whenever I watch a Disney film.