This is next year’s Super Bowl XLIII logo. The game will take place in Tampa Bay, hence the luscious green. I like.

The TSA blog answers the question that’s on lots of people’s mind: Why isn’t it possible for several terrorists to get together on a flight and mix their smaller containers of liquid to make a big bomb/explosive?
The short answer: It’s too hard.
The long answer: It’s too hard, and it’s not likely that they would succeed in mixing something to create an explosive.

WordPress can also serve as a contact manager too! That’s pretty awesome!

This PUMA XR Runner has faux-fur!

Heath Ledger’s death was an accident.

Obama Girl didn’t even vote. FAIL.

I don’t even understand why anybody would want to live in Australia. Shipping costs alone could make a person want to pack up and move to the United States.

Cool Hunting is having a Panda Bear New Era hat giveaway. Entering is very easy, so just do it.

Here’s a HUGE deep-sea shark.

Not that I’m complaining about the cooler temperatures, but I must say that this has so far been a pretty mild summer here in Melbourne. Where’s that Australian heat everybody’s been talking about?