Lauer Custom Weaponry, a company based in Wisconsin that offers custom-painted guns for sale, has reacted to Mayor Bloomberg’s 2006 decision to ban any custom paints on guns in New York City by offering a collection of custom-painted guns called “The Bloomberg Collection“.

The Bloomberg Collection comes in several colors named after New York City boroughs. The colors are Manhattan Red, Bronx Rose (purple), Brooklyn Blue, Queens Green, and Staten Island Orange (yellow?). Lauer Custom Weaponry also sells the guns in brick and mortar camouflage which, I assume, will make you look like you’re holding a piece of construction material in your hands rather than a gun-shaped crayon.

Mayor Bloomberg holds up a real colorful gun next to a toy gun. See the ABC News report here (the female spokesperson for Lauer Custom Weaponry is tripping over her words).

Anyway, as you can imagine, Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t like the idea that his name and his caricature is being used to market these guns. The argument by Lauer, of course, is that any gun, real or fake, should be taken seriously, and that the color of the gun itself should make no difference in that matter.

Personally, I just can’t see myself taking a thief personally if he/she were to rob me with, say, a purple gun. I mean, c’mon, what is this, a Power Rangers episode?