Just came out of a store in Melbourne called Provider Trainers (on 114 Greville Street) and was totally amazed at the stock selection there. There are a lot of limited release items available inside the small store that you won’t find easily anywhere else in Melbourne.

My eyes were fixated on this Nike Rainbow Windrunner that was selling for $160 AUD. It’s loud, wild, and totally awesome. It’s a basic windbreaker with a full-zip body that allows you to take it apart into two halves (why you would need this function is beyond me, but it’s really neat anyway). For an example of how this full-zip function works, check out the photo below.


Nope, that’s not two jackets next to each other. That’s one jacket taken apart using the full-zip that runs along the front, back, and hood of this windrunner.

Here’s a photo of me with it on. YUM YUM YUM!!!


I’m absolutely in love with it and I wish I had the balls to wear this out on a normal day.
Seriously, this is the coolest item of clothing I’ve seen in a long time.

Images from We Sold Out. More photos of the windrunner at hanon shop.