I don’t often wear a watch on my wrist. In fact, I haven’t actually owned that many watches in my lifetime. The last time I can remember wearing a watch was back in 2003/2004 when my ex-girlfriend gave bought me this Swatch watch that I had been eyeing at the time. I wore that one for a little bit but eventually put it away. Other than that watch, the only other watch I can remember wearing was this really basic Casio digital watch (it was this one, if my memory is correct).

Anyway, with the frequent use of my cellphone, the need for a watch to tell time has pretty much gone out the window. But lately, I’ve found myself wanting to know the time quickly and sometimes getting to my cellphone is just too much of a hassle (it’s easier to just ask somebody). I just can’t be bothered to take it out of my bag just to figure out the time. So I bought a watch. A damn good watch too. A classic G-Shock timekeeper — for $30.

Initial thoughts? Best watch that $30 can buy. Simply classic and definitely a quality build.

If you want one too, the classic G-Shock is still on sale at Amazon.com for $30. That’s pretty much as cheap as it gets for this watch. Better take advantage of this deal now.

Click inside if you want to see close-up photos of the watch face.