I only remember vaguely watching the My Pet Monster animated TV series when I was younger. I think my memory is more vivid in recalling the live-action movie that was created under the same name. But even so, I do remember sitting down in front of the TV with my siblings and watching the cartoon monster run around doing stupid things.

Very soon, I will be able to watch all 16 episodes of the animated TV series like I did when I was younger and fill in those memory gaps that I have of silly Saturday morning cartoons. On October 28, a Canadian division of the series’ producer, will release My Pet Monster The Complete Series on DVD. It will feature all 16 episodes in original full-frame format in the plainest DVD package you have ever seen (2.0 stereo, no extras/special features, no commentary).

Hopefully the studio remastered the footage for clarity. This could be a fun DVD to watch when I’m bored. Nothing’s better than that odd feeling of silliness and stupidity as you watch an old childhood cartoon!