I’ve had the wonderful job lately of listening to some great music. It seems like there’s been an influx of great releases this Fall and my ears couldn’t be any happier. I’ve had the pleasure of walking around New York City lately with the songs of Lenka in my iPod and boy is it wonderful to listen to!

Lenka hails from the East Coast of Australia where she started out acting before she went into music professionally. She later moved to the United States where she recorded this debut album and released it on September 23, 2008. One listen to the first track, “The Show”, and my mind thinks of the best of Missy Higgins, Feist, and Jem all rolled into one. Lenka has an infectious playful, child-like sound that makes any gloomy situation you might be in seem much brighter.

The whole album is a delight to listen to and I really don’t mind that I’ve had it on repeat for the past several hours. Totally hummable and memorable, her songs will have you whistling down the street!

I recommend her first single, “The Show”, and “Skipalong”, “Knock Knock”, and “We Will Not Grow Old”.

Get it here: Sharebee.