Today’s big announcement from the Apple headquarters was the new manufacturing process behind the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air. Traditionally, laptop computers were manufactured and assembled using layers of materials that were pressed together or screwed together in place. While this process has served us relatively well so far, it really hindered the progress of laptop computer designs because you couldn’t make a thin enough laptop without sacrificing durability (and vice versa).

Now, Apple has taken the innovative manufacturing process behind their unibody structure in the MacBook Air and put it to good use in the rest of the Apple laptop line. All of the laptop computers made by Apple as of today are cut and molded from a single large piece of aluminum (or “aluminium” as Jony Ive would say).

Anyway, forget all the other hoopla about new technologies and innovations in the new laptops and have a look at the awesome MacBook video that Apple has put online. It shows the entire unibody manufacturing process (sometimes in wonderful slow-motion). I’ve embedded the video below, but the quality is a lot better on the Apple website.