Wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I literally was at the phone shop today about to get a new phone and then…I just decided not to. And just now, I read that the release date for the Blackberry Bold is all but confirmed for October 27. The real kick in the nuts though is that AT&T/RIM won’t say how much the phone will cost with a contract. I would think that with a release date as pushed back as this, AT&T/RIM would like the phone to be as cheap as possible to thwart off people going to Verizon or jumping onto the iPhone.

Please, please, please, please be reasonably priced. PLEASE.

UPDATE: Crackberry is confident in the October 27 release date on AT&T, but has reason to believe that those of us in New York could be seeing an extra week of wait time in there because of “Tri-State network upgrades”. So…at the latest, this will be launched the first week in November. It’s a good thing I put that MAYBE up in the image above.