So yeah, it’s in stone now. I just “pre-ordered” the BlackBerry Bold and it should be in my hands in just over a week’s time. I’m excited because I’ll be able to be online ALL THE TIME, which means:

  • I’ll be able to check and respond to email whenever, wherever (especially now that Google has revamped their mobile Gmail for BlackBerry)
  • I can chat with you
  • I’ll finally have a plan with texting again
  • I’ll be on my way to being connected 24/7. OMG DREAM.

And lots more. I’m pretty sure GPS will be fun too. I’ll pretend to get lost all the time so I can whip it out (the phone, not…my thing) and make use of it. And maybe, I’ll even become part of the 87% of the PDA-using population that brings their devices to bed.

Here’s my favorite BlackBerry Bold video review from