The Catch-22 yo-yo by YoYoFactory sure is nice, but is it $460-nice? I think not. [via]

Even if it is made of two metallic sides featuring titanium rims, I have a hard time believing that a toy that normally costs about $1 can be jacked up to such a ridiculous price. Maybe the extra $400 or so is attributed to the mega-case that it comes in. The Catch-22 yo-yo arrives in a custom waterproof Pelican case that wraps the Catch-22 in soft foam, complete with a set of extra parts in case you play with Catch-22 so much that it wears down. Check out the swanky case below.

And just like everything that’s designed well these days, the Catch-22 is manufactured in limited quantities of 70, so the first 70 people to find nearly half a grand to blow on this toy can claim it as their own. Whoopie!