I ordered 250 Doobybrain stickers from Contagious Graphics recently and they came in today. I’ve heard good things about Contagious Graphics beforehand which was a big reason in choosing them for this job. I’m glad I chose them too because these stickers are top-notch in quality.

My previous Doobybrain stickers were more or less self-printed squares that were made on matte sticky-back paper. They stood up in the rain for a while, but because of the nature of the paper, they did tend to come off rather quickly from their posts. But not these new batch of stickers from Contagious Graphics.

The box of stickers that came in today are very much water-resistant and printed on a shiny vinyl surface, making them feel much more smooth and “official”. So how sticky are they? Well, Contagious Graphics is a company that specializes in making stickers so they’re similar to your standard bumper sticker (meaning, they do their job of sticking to places very well). I just put one of my binder and I feel like it’ll never come off! AWESOME!

If you’d love to help out Doobybrain.com, please refer “DOOBYBRAIN” or my email address when making an order through Contagious Graphics. I’d gladly appreciate it and you’d be a vital part in helping this site stay online!

UPDATE: I added some extra photos of the sticker on my notebook inside.