After months of waiting, I finally have the BlackBerry Bold in my hands. I AM NOW CONNECTED AND REACHABLE 24/7.

I am currently fiddling with it and I simply cannot put it down. This phone is just amazing. The screen is incredible! There’s nothing on the market right now that I’ve seen that can rival the sharpness and clarity of the Bold screen. The sound quality coming out of the speakers is also very excellent, which came as a surprise to me because I normally consider cellphone speakers to be quite crap. This one, not so much. :)

The keyboard is definitely easier to type on than the Curve. And the screen. WOW! THE SCREEN! Have I mentioned that it’s GREAT?

What else? Let’s see. Well, there’s THE SCREEN. Yeah, the screen is so vivid and clear and bright and sharp and wonderful.

Ok, I’ll stop fooling around. Seriously, this phone is awesome! I am so glad that I waited long enough for this phone to get released. Definitely worth the wait. If I don’t update for the next day or so, you can blame this phone for keeping me busy.

More pictures of my new phone inside.