Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve’s circular bicycle rack design has won the CityRacks Design Competition. The “Hoop”, as it is called, is a simple design that looks like a bicycle wheel with a single cross-bar reminiscent of a spoke on a wheel.

The winning design beat out 10 other finalists whose designs were installed at Astor Place to give each one a real-life testing bed to see how they would hold up to typical NYC people and mischief.

There’s been some concern however about how the new bike racks, 5000 of which are supposed to be installed over the next 3 years, will be attached to the ground. In some photos, the rack is simply seen resting on the sidewalk, presumably connected by a bolt of some sort through the bottom of the wheel. While some other images show the wheel slightly elevated by a platform which it then sits on.

According to City Room, the Transportation Department hasn’t even considered how they would bolt down the rings, which kind of puzzles me because one would think that they would consider this before choosing a winner in a contest.

Anyway, in my opinion, this rack doesn’t really do anything new except give the “old” bike racks a facelift. In terms of alleviating bicycle parking congestion, this rack does absolutely nothing to help it. It still parks two bicycles side-by-side and it still takes up just as much space on the sidewalk as the bike racks now. It’s just nice because it’s a circle and there are two circles on a bike. Pfft.