Jack sent me a link to this Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Alarm Clock that sets itself on voice activated functions. After saying “Hello Moshi” aloud, the alarm clock allows you to set basic clock and alarm clock settings using nothing but your voice. From the demonstration, it seems to work pretty well, but then again, the demonstration is taking place in a completely quiet room, so who knows how well this will work in a louder setting.

But seriously, I feel like this would shave off a couple of minutes from every day, allowing me more seconds to enjoy the things I really love…like not setting my alarm clock.

Also, imagine the ease of sabatoge that this voice-activated alarm clock allows for. You know, walking into a room and not having to worry about how to figure out the settings on the alarm clock. Just speak the change in alarm time and have your mortal enemy miss an important meeting! HA HA HA! DELICIOUS!