As I’ve mentioned previously, Kanye West’s upcoming album 808′s and Heartbreak was leaked and I’ve had the opportunity to give it a chance and quite frankly it’s different than his previous music material.

If you’re a big fan of that electronic-synthesized singing voice, then you’ll love this album. But honestly, if you’re looking for more of that signature Kanye West rapping style, then you’ll be left out in the cold because honestly, he doesn’t do much of it on this album. He just sings and sings…with that highly synthesized voice effect and it’s more than annoying.

But yeah, I’m not even going to link this album because I don’t want to subject any of you to this music. That voice effect he uses on EVERY TRACK makes me group him with bubblegum pop. That’s just not what I would want to think about when I think about Kanye West.