Every single Nokia phone that I’ve ever owned has stood up very well under normal stress conditions. In fact, if I think back on it, Nokia has proven to be one of the most reliable cellphone makers that I’ve come to experience (right next to them would be Samsung). The Nokia devices that I’ve owned have all been dropped plenty of times and thrown in such ways that would make most electronics fail. But not Nokia phones. Why? Because it turns out that their stress testing facilities are top-notch hi-tech labs that prod, poke, wet, drop, dust, and scratch their phones until they literally stop working.

Gizmodo has an excellent set of photos of a Nokia damage test lab and the pictures are all pretty nifty. What’s cool is that this damage test lab is all done by machines and computers. From little droplets of water to the dropping of phones, almost every test is monitored by precise computers. This ensures that Nokia products are not only the most durable of all electronics, but also that they can stand up to the dumbest of consumers as well.

Below is the dropping machine. An entire machine made just to drop cellphones. Whoever invented this thing must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Here’s a video showing some of the tests that they do. [via]