Flickr highlighted the amazing true story of one member’s correspondence with a movie studio and how that ended up with his image being used in one of the largest blockbusters in recent history. You see, Flickr member “adactio” makes all of his images available under a Creative-Commons attribution license which basically means that anyone is free to publish and use his images as long as they give him credit for the photo. This turned out to be a great thing when somebody from Paramount Pictures emailed him about one of his photos taken in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center.

One thing lead to another and sure enough, his image was used in one of the opening scenes in Iron Man. Sure the image was fixed up a bit, but it was more or less left as is (with the exception of cropping). It’s a pretty amazing story.

Here’s the comparative image below of the original image and the final image used in Iron Man.