The big news in the blogging community is the release of WordPress 2.7 at 8PM EST tonight (December 4, 2008). I’ve had the pleasure of testing WP 2.7 in the past few weeks and I am excited for a final release of the blogging system. The refreshed admin panel alone is worth the upgrade along with several behind-the-scenes features which will benefit publishers (readers of any blog won’t know that a thing has changed). The layout of everything in the admin panel is just so much smarter and easier to get to than before, thanks to nested menus (built-in) and a better dashboard layout.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to leave some of my plugins behind when I upgrade to this new release of WordPress. Having certain features built-in is just so much more stable than relying on a plugin.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, WP 2.7 will be out tonight on blogs, and if all goes well, the full version will be released on December 10 for those of us who are self-hosted.