The folks over at PQ Labs have developed a piece of touch-screen technology similar to Microsoft’s Surface that they are calling iTable (original name, that’s for sure…). With it, the team have come up with an awesome way to dominate WarCraft III gameplay using the touch-screen technology as you can see in the video above. [via]

The ability to use two-hand gestures on something like this can go a long way to making games a lot more fun to play. I’m already thinking about how much faster I can do things if I didn’t have to only use one mouse cursor to point at everything. One hand can be doing one thing while the other hand motions characters or objects in a game to do another.

At the moment, the WarCraft III example above is only an example, but man, I’d be pretty excited to see more games officially make multi-touch contraptions like this a part of regular gameplay. I just wish I already had a multi-touch screen as big as that one.