I caught this just in time and I’m glad! For the second year in a row (I think), Waterford Crystal and Macy’s Herald Square put the iconic ball that drops in Times Square during new years up for display inside Macy’s.

Two years ago, Waterford Crystal completely redesigned the ball with LED lights from Philips, creating the brightest and most efficient ball to ever drop at Times Square for new years. The same ball is being used this year to ring in the new year.

In person, the ball really isn’t that big. I always assumed it was massive in size because it’s so visible from such a far distance (via TV cameras) but it’s really quite small when you stand next to it.

To give it some comparison in height, have a look at the two pictures below which show the ball in its entirety (on a pole) fitting under the first floor ceiling of Macy’s. I mean, the people next to it aren’t even that much smaller than it.

Anyway, if you want to see it up close in person, you’re out of luck this year because the ball was only on display in Macy’s until December 10. But hey, who knows, Waterford and Macy’s might do this again next year.

And of course, you can catch this same ball on New Year’s Eve on TV everywhere or in Times Square, NYC.