I’m a big city biker, but even I know a dumb bike lane when I see one. And the somewhat new bike lane at Grand Street is stupid. Curbed has a video showing just why this bike lane is so controversial. For one, it isn’t even placed in a convenient spot for bikers. Sure, it’s sorta safe because it’s blocked off from moving traffic due to the row of parked cars, but sometimes being boxed in isn’t the best thing, especially when people are going to and from their passenger doors and causing obstructions to bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

Second, big trucks like this can’t always make the turn and end up blocking the intersection, causing lots of honking (as heard in the video) and confusion. The city should really just put the bike lane on the leftmost side of the road like they always do. It makes more sense that way and it’ll save confusion for bikers and motorists alike.

And the final point: The bike lane is big enough for an SUV to drive down as witnessed in this video. If that’s possible, I wonder how dangerous it’ll be when some driver does this in a closed lane and bicyclists are present.