The Adam Walsh homicide investigation has officially ended today. It has been over 27 years since the death of Adam Walsh, whose dad John Walsh would later become an advocate for victims of violent crime and continue on to be the host of America’s Most Wanted. In the years since the start of the investigation, the primary suspect had been a man by the name of Ottis Toole, who confessed to killing Adam. But after the death of Ottis Toole in 1996, the Adam Walsh case was closed and no official murderer was named in the file.

Now, 12 years since the death of Ottis Toole, the Hollywood, FL police department issued a statement officially naming Ottis Toole as the person behind Adam’s death and as a result has closed the case on this murder. John & RevĂ© Walsh, the parents of Adam Walsh, have also accepted this news and agree to close the case. Although Adam’s death is a tragedy, the good that came from it because of John’s willingness to host America’s Most Wanted and bring fugitives to justice has ultimately been beneficial to many Americans. It’s great to know that this case has come to a close and I hope John and his wife can find some comfort knowing that.