I know this is going to sound a bit ignorant, but I don’t really know much about the Hindenburg disaster beyond the fact that it was a big German blimp that ignited in the sky and soon thereafter crashed to the ground. I never knew that there was actual video footage shot from the scene of the crash despite having seen countless photographic versions of the same explosion in the sky.

And because I found this video reel so fascinating, I wanted to share it here in case any one (or more) of my readers are finding themselves in the same ignorant position that I am.

The first video below is a Universal Newsreel about the accident.

The second video (below) is the live radio broadcast recording of Herbert Morrison as he witnessed the horrific crash. The video is split in two parts; the first with his voice sounding very high due to inaccurate audio recording; and the second with his voice corrected to sound like he did in real life.

And the video directly below is another video, slightly different, with more close-up shots of the people running away from the wreckage on the ground.

The Internet Archive also has a very good quality video of the Hindenburg exploding along with shots of the aircraft flying over parts of New York City. I suggest you check it out there if you want to get the best footage of the scene (YouTube quality doesn’t quite cut it).