I first heard about the new Boston Red Sox logo from Brand New and upon further investigation, I came across some images of the new uniforms from The Red Sox Insider blog.

I really don’t follow baseball at all so I really have no sentiments toward any particular team, but I do know about the baseball rivalry that exists between New Yorkers and Bostonians. I honestly could care less about it, but fanatics of both cities think it’s something to get riled up about, so I just let those people have their say while my mind goes to sleep mode.

Anyway, I saw the new logo and immediately thought how wonderful it was and refreshing to see a baseball logo renewed and refreshed. The new logos aren’t replacing the old classic logos at all, but rather just serving as a supplement for the team while the team is on the road. The Red Sox Insider has a breakdown of when the new jerseys will be used.

I really think the hat shown above is pretty fantastic. It’s simple and it makes use of an iconic sports logo that has stood for decades in history. If you like it too, you can purchase the new duds at the MLB shop.