To my surprise, The Pixar Story is available for streaming on Netflix. I’ve heard about a lot about this film and never thought to look for it on Netflix. In fact, I only found out about it on Netflix today when Netflix recommended it to me as something I might like to watch. And I’m glad it did recommend it to me because it’s a fantastic documentary about the Pixar Animation Studios and its history until today.

The documentary is made by Leslie Iwerks and goes in depth into the trials that John Lasseter and his early Pixar co-workers had to endure in order to rise triumphantly as one of the most successful animation studios in the entertainment industry. The film covers every aspect of the creation process behind Pixar films and gives a great peek into the early work that made Pixar into what it is today (rare footage of 3D renders with traditional drawings, commercials made by Pixar animators, and early shorts that set the standard for the 3D computer animation industry).

Overall, the documentary really surprised me at how entertaining it was. It wasn’t drone-like at all and offered a spectacular glimpse into the life of Pixar animators in the studio’s very short history. I’d recommend watching it if you are a fan of Pixar films.