UPS Delivery By Bike! Salem, Oregon from nwduffer on Vimeo.

Oregon has long been known as one of the most bike-friendly places in all of the US. I always hear about forward-thinking initiatives for bicyclists coming out of Oregon and this one is no exception. Apparently, UPS has enlisted the help of local cyclists to deliver holiday packages to their intended destinations. The move is no doubt a great one for the environment and for UPS because it allows them to distribute more packages to more neighborhoods without putting more vehicles on the road. [via]

Pacific Pedalling caught up with one of their guest writers, Tina Brubaker, who just so happened to be a UPS delivery woman by bicycle. It turns out that people like Tina help UPS deliver anywhere from 25-70+ packages a day while on a bike. Their 200-pound load is attached to their bicycle via a cart and their garages are used as hubs for picking up more packages for delivery.