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Stargate Studios compiled this video that shows just how often green screen (or ChromaKey) is used in both TV and movies. The actual filming portion of these shows and movies must be absolutely boring compared to the final result. Thanks Paul!

Ridiculously long name for a song, but man, is this perfect for New Year’s (and yes, you heard this before on the @superfun recap video). If you like the song, you can grab it here.

TV3 created this spoof/tribute to The Simpsons by remaking The Simpsons intro as if it took place in a small Estonian town. Well done, well done!


The new year is just a few hours away, so I thought I’d take some time to look through my music library to pick out some albums that I really liked this year. It get’s increasingly hard to pick a “best” album each year, so here’s 6 that stood out among the rest of the […]

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Photographer unknown, but may be Scott Frances/ESTO (Click to enlarge); also available in color. This is hands-down the best photo I’ve seen of The Douglas House by Richard Meier. I love how the house is sort of peeking through the forest in this image. The Douglas House was completed in 1973 and is located in […]