I hope all of you had a wonderful new year. I know I did, and that’s because not only was I able to celebrate the day with good friends, I was also able to obtain a working copy of SimTower and Yoot Tower (also known as The Tower 2).

I don’t know what the problem was with the copy of the game that I had previously, but for some reason, it never seemed to work under any Windows installation I tried it on. Then yesterday, I decided to do another search for the game and I came across SimTower on Abandonia and decided to check it out. And sure enough, the game — which is only about 3MB — worked! It felt like I had come across abandoned treasure! It worked flawlessly and that made me go in search of Yoot Tower which was the sequel for the game made by its original creator. After about a minute of searching, I found a working copy of the game (for Windows XP) and began playing it.

If you’re interested in getting Yoot Tower, you can try ThePirateBay.

I’ve played SimTower before so nothing about that game was new. It was just as addicting as I had remembered it. Yoot Tower on the other hand was new to me so I started the game to see what was new. The short answer is that it’s basically the same as SimTower with a couple of added items to build from the start. There are several things in Yoot Tower that make the game a bit harder (excellent eval isn’t so easy to achieve) but the game play and the look of the game is the same. Even the sounds are the same.

Because of the much faster processor of the computer I was playing on (compared to the older computers I first played SimTower on back in the day), SimTower ran much quicker than I had expected. The speed actually made the game harder to manage, but thankfully you can slow it down to “regular” speed.

So all in all SimTower is still worth playing and it definitely deserves two-thumbs-up from me. I’d still recommend it to others.