I got a parking ticket on New Year’s Eve because I thought it was Saturday since there were no cars on my street. It was a stupid mistake, but a mistake nonetheless that would cause me to be on the receiving end of a $115 fine. I’ve gotten parking tickets before so I knew the procedure, but I honestly forgot that the city will automatically reduce the fine if you challenge the ticket! It happened to my last ticket when I showed up in person and I’m expecting my $115 fine this time to be reduced as well when I challenge the ticket next week.

Any driver who challenges a parking ticket — in person, in writing or online — is offered a substantial, guaranteed reduction for most fines, under a program the city quietly introduced in 2005.

Plead guilty to parking at an expired meter in Midtown, for example, and agree to forgo a hearing, and the city will immediately reduce the fine from $65 to $43. No questions asked.

Well, that’s good to know! Unfortunately, the reduced fine for a Manhattan parking ticket is still quite expensive… :(