This item may look like any other old light switch, but under its Lucite case is the means for you to remotely turn off almost any light that plugs into an outlet! You see, this Remote Light Switch from Tobias Wong is a very awesome contraption. It comes with a remote receiver that you plug into the end of an outlet and with the flick of a switch, you can turn off that light (or appliance) as long as it stands 100 feet from the switch!

I can imagine scenarios where this switch would come in handy, such as the situation I find myself in EVERY NIGHT when I’m already too tired to get out of bed to turn off my light. I could simply have this remote kill switch next to my bed and use it as a secondary switch for when I’m feeling extra lazy.

Unfortunately, this remote light switch costs $150 and $250 for a gold limited edition version. It would be convenient if I owned this, but $150 is a lot to pay (even if it is only once) for maybe 6 less steps every night. This one will have to go in my “if I had all the money to spend in the world” file.