Back in October, a straight-to-DVD movie was released under the name of Sunday School Musical. It followed the lives of several teenagers who bond together in song and dance in order to save their church from closing. Sound interesting? I thought so too. Nothing angers me more than this sort of half-thought-out copycat syndrome so prevalent in Christianity today. It goes back to an entry I wrote earlier about why I think this sort of stuff is bad for the Christian image. It makes the whole world think we’re totally cheesy and unconnected to anything around us.

I mean, if the title didn’t tip you off to it already, you can pretty much bet that Sunday School Musical is terrible. IMDB reviewers think so, and I totally agree with this particular review.

Anyway, I wanted to see just how bad this film was, so I downloaded it and I’m going to write a full review in a couple of days. Anybody want to join me for a Sunday School Musical movie night? Let me know.

Interesting to note what Wikipedia says about Faith Films (the production company that released this film). That they are known for making low budget films that capitalize on the release of larger ones — in this case, running with the “High School Musical” craze and creating this monster. Watch the trailer below.