If you’ve been anywhere online recently, you may have seen the viral video above of a cow giving birth to a man (or a “dude”, if you will). The video is from a group called Never Hide Films that creates viral “shock” videos and puts them on YouTube. Another video from the same group has just been released today and it is called “Green Screen Guy”. In it, a man in a green-screen-colored suit wreaks havoc on unsuspecting people because they cannot see him.

Now, this being YouTube, I immediately had a suspicion that these videos were purposely made to go viral. I couldn’t help but notice that in each video, the man is wearing sunglasses. As it turns out, these two videos were made to promote Ray-Ban sunglasses. So enjoy these two videos for what they are, but don’t be surprised if you end up looking at Ray-Ban sunglasses a different way after this.