I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Mac OSX doesn’t come with a hotkey combo to quickly lock the computer. In Windows, all you had to do was press the Windows Key + L to get your computer locked. This was useful for those quick moments when you had to get up from your desk and you didn’t want prying eyes to look at what was on your screen.

In OSX however, if you want to lock your computer (not log out), you have to put the Keychain Access icon in the system menu and then use the drop-down menu to lock the computer from there. It’s not the quickest option and it really clutters up the menu bar at the top. So when I found out from Lifehacker that there’s now an application for Mac OSX that mimics the Windows way to lock your computer, I immediately downloaded it and installed it. Now, I lock my computer with LockTight andall is good.

But really, I think it’s so stupid that this option had to be included via a third-party application.