Heinz announced this month that they were updating the look of their ketchup labels to more accurately reflect the type of sauce that is inside. For about 110 years, the Heinz Ketchup label has sported a green pickle (old label seen above). But how did that green gherkin pickle get there? The Heinz press release has an explanation:

It began in 1893 when H. J. Heinz decided to use a “pickle pin” to attract attention to his booth at the Chicago World’s Fair, the nation’s largest food show and exposition at that time. The pins were so popular that attendees were lining up to get one. A simple marketing gimmick became part of the history of America’s most iconic ketchup brand.

Throughout the years, the pickle proudly adorned each bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Even still – that little pickle, over time, faded into the background in consumers’ minds.

As you can see below, the new labels will feature a tomato on a vine with the words “Grown Not Made” to emphasize the importance of good ingredients in their ketchup sauce. Most consumers will probably not even notice the subtle change which makes this new label redesign a good one. Right on, Heinz!