Photo: Max Ortiz / The Detroit News

The Detroit News has a very sad and disturbing story of urban decay and indifference that will shock you. The image above is actually of a dead body frozen and forgotten in a block of ice inside the well of a cargo elevator at the Roosevelt Warehouse. [via]

The Roosevelt Warehouse is a former Detroit Public School book repository that’s been controversial in the past for literally letting many books and supplies rot and waste away while many of Detroit’s school children had no money for supplies.

The image above is an all-encompassing look at just how terrible conditions have gotten in Detroit where even a human body will be left unreported and unattended to for about a month! From the article, it seems as if there’s a general lack of care for the city and its citizens and this formula of indifference certainly spells disaster for what used to be one of the major metropolitan cities in America.

But seriously, it is that one picture above that would move me to action. How can a city and its people get to such a point that even a fellow man is considered indistinguishable from the rubbish around him?