So has this deal on supposedly genuine Apple iPod headphones (the 2nd generation kind that feature a smoother slant) for only $1.99. That’s pretty cheap considering that Apple sells a similar headphone — with a remote — for $29.99.

But what’s weird is that Apple doesn’t actually sell these headphones at all. They only package them with iPod music players and iPod touch devices. So I’m wondering how this site got their hands on so many of these to sell…

Anyway, $1.99 was too cheap to pass up if they were real headphones and too cheap to care if this turned out to be a sour deal. So what I did was I bought them anyway. I’ll update in a week or so to let you know what the result was. In the meantime, if you feel like testing this deal out too, you can do so and rest assured that at least thinks this is somewhat legit enough to post about.