New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has such a peculiar official administrative portrait. None of the other city officials have a portrait like his and I find it very interesting that he’s not standing in front of a big American flag like the rest of them.

By the way, I called 311 for fun about where to find an official portrait of Michael Bloomberg and the person I was speaking with honestly could not direct me to the correct place to find one. I already knew the answer to the inquiry but I wanted to see how effective¬† 311 was in finding information like this and I realized after the call that 311 sucks when it comes to technology and information searching on the web. I found this portrait of Bloomberg in under 30 seconds and 311 couldn’t even get me remotely close in over 5 minutes.

If you’re wondering why I even bothered to call 311 about it, I can’t tell you an answer. I just wanted to see how well they would do I guess. I dunno, I was bored.