With nothing better to write about, The New York Post has published an article that takes a look at a recent poll from People Who Deserve It that asks New Yorkers to vote for their least favorite type of person.

Reactions to the poll put slow-walking sidewalk blocker at the #1 spot with 29% of the votes. At a close second was self-important bluetooth guy (the guy who talks loudly into the air because he’s on a bluetooth headset on the street) with 24% of the votes. The Post created the image above to break it down for you in case you couldn’t think of the people on your own. However, with only about 2300 people voting, this is in no way an accurate representation of the sentiments of the average New Yorker. I suspect that if more New Yorkers voted, the percentage for slow-walking sidewalk blocker would be a lot higher. I hate slow-walking people.